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Psion 5mx

We started about 15 years ago when the handheld or palmtop computer was a very new idea and Psion were king in this field, being the Pioneers. Although Psion is still around, their only lasting legacy in this field is the Symbian Operating System and even that seems to be fading away, having been replaced by the likes of iOS and Android. At that time we wrote software for the various Psion products and provided support, sadly Psion shut their doors on that part of the mobile world and we moved on.

Moving On

Moving on

The world on mobile communications was and still is changing as anyone with a smart phone or tablet knows, we had to move into a field that could flow with these changes, web design is what we chose as our new path to follow. Realising also that all modern smart mobile devices have the ability to browse the web, so web design it was. At the start it was websites for desktops to start with as at that time mobile devices hadn't quite reached the sophistication they now have. At the same time technology was changing in the web design field to cater for the mobile industry, so we evolved with the industry.

What we Offer


A professional website for the small or home business, which will work on all popular browsers. Quite often the small or home business owner does not know enough about the ins and outs of web design or doesn't have the time and so stays away. So we clear up the mysteries and terminology and you have a better understanding of what the web is all about. More recently we have offered the feature of mobile friendly websites, more on this in a moment.

More on “Mobile Friendly Websites”

Mobile Devices

Having a mobile website used to be an option, with the volume of portable devices capable of browsing the web rapidly increasing (59 million in South Africa and 650 million in on the African continent), it is essential. In the past it was necessary to have two websites one for desktops and an optimised one for portable devices. Whilst this is workable it does have limitations, With modern technology this is not necessary. Don't forget about Google's take on it

What's in the Package?

Hosting Services

In order to be able to offer you a complete package of web related services we can also offer you hosting for your website if you don't already have this, pricing varies depending on the clients requirements. The hosting we offer also includes a a full regular backup and daily statistics, although not part of the hosting package we also offer statistic monitoring on Google Analytics