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Over the years we have introduced several services and abandoned more due to non-viability, practicality and a number of other reasons. We have, however, maintained a few which are less demanding of us. One of the things we have most recently stopped is battery repacking, in spite of this our website kept top ranking on search engines, so clearly it is still something people need and want. So that you are not completely without this service we are providing you with the contact details of the businesses whose services we made use of:

Battery Repacking Services

Company: S J Andrews
Phone: (011) 444 1521
Email: see website
Website: S J Andrews
Address: 41-14th Street
Eastgate Gardens
South Africa
Notes: Although this company does several things electronic, your main interest here is battery repacking such as power tools, two way radios etc. They do not do laptop batteries.
Company: Akita Business Solutions
Phone: (011) 704 2429
Website: Akita
Address: 3 Church Street
Johannesburg North
Notes: As you can see from their website this company does several things including battery repacking, they are also one of the few who will repack laptop batteries if possible, if not possible they can offer a generic replacement.

PC Based SMS

cartoon person with cell phone

These days it's hard to find someone who doesn't have a cell phone to intrude into their daily lives, gone are the days of waiting till someone gets back to their office/home to check their answering machine messages. However inconvenient they are useful and sometimes the only way you can get hold of a person. So cell phones have become a part of our daily life, but so has an increasing cost of living. Let's face it not all communications require a voice call, in any cases a text message via SMS is quite adequate, but to make it even more convenient how about being able to do it from a PC? This has the following advantages:

  • You type on a full size keyboard
  • SMS's can be sent out automatically at a pre-determined date and time (birthdays, anniversaries, month end payment reminders etc)
  • Let clients know a product, service or repair is ready
  • Replies can be routed to a cell phone or email address or both
  • Bulk credit can be bought on line
  • Software is free
  • There is more, much more…

Pricing Structure

The cost per SMS credit depends on the quantity of SMS credits you purchase. The table below lists all the price breaks based on quantity.

QuantityUnti Cost*
1 - 2490.38
250 - 4990.36
500 - 9990.34
1 000 - 2 4990.32
2 500 - 4 9990.30
5 000 - 9 9990.28
10 000 - 24 9990.25
25 000 - 49 9990.22
50 000+0.18

* The above pricing is in South African Rand excluding 14% VAT.
Click here to register or find out more…

Fax to Email, Email to Fax

Fax machine

You might wonder with email, whatsapp and several other modern services does anyone still use fax? Well yes they do, so we merge it without a more modern technology so that now you can send and receive faxes from your email client. Yes you may have a multifunction printer but they require consumables, maintenance and a telephone line (dedicated or shared). If you are using an email client all you have to do is register your email address, it will cost you nothing! Incoming faxes are free and arrive as an email with an attachment (That is your fax).


  • No paper, ink or phone line needed
  • No machine to maintain
  • Faxes can be as personal as emails
  • No lost faxes because of paper jams or line faults
  • Can be sent to multiple emails
  • Faxes can be sent in multiple formats (MS Word, PDF, Excel…)
  • Your number doesn't change when you move!

To register for free just fill in the form on the left, you will be assigned a number with a 086 area code. PDF is the recommended document format as it is more portable and can even be read on most modern smart phones.

IMPORTANT! If you change your email address, please let us know, if you don't do this you will no longer be able to receive faxes

Sending Faxes (Email to Fax)

This is a prepaid service, you simply pay whatever amount you want (minimum R50.00), using your fax to email number as a reference, and you will receive credits to that value. Click here for details of how and who to pay.

Click here to see a pictorial description of how to send a fax

Once the fax has been successfully delivered you will receive a confirmation with details of the delivery and including your account balance.

Fax to Email outbound rates sheet