SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is only one of the services we offer relating to improving your website and making it rank better on popular search engines, as you will see when you read on:

Key Word Specific

It is popular in the digital marketing industry for agencies to sell SEO packages based on the number of
keywords per month. our Keyword Specific packages below mean that our efforts remain on the same keywords.
It is then the agency’s perogative to decide when they want to increase the number of keywords that we work
on every month, as their client’s rank on Page 1 for all Keywords or their traffic needs change, for example.


  • 5 key words Package R1200.00/month
  • 10 keyword Package R2130.00/month
  • 15 Keyword Package R2400.00/month
  • 20 Keyword Package R3290.00/month

It is recommended that this is done for at least one year to get decent results, keep in mind the work is not only researching for the best keywords, it also includes a thorough analysis of your website and recommended changes and upgrades and several other things.

Link Building Packages

Without a doubt, one of the most important SEO techniques that you can employ during an SEO campaign is
the act of building high-quality links to reputable directories and sites.

We provide this valuable SEO technique at the below costs in a variety of packages.

  • 10 Back-link Package R1000.00/month
  • 20 Back-link Package R1600.00/month
  • 30 Back-link Package R2100.00/month
  • 50 Backlink Package R3000.00/month