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Company Profile

We began business 12 years ago, currently our core business is creating professional looking websites for small and home businesses, more recently we are endeavouring to enhance our websites by making them mobile friendly, at an affordable price, although we have done many different things over the years and kept what's viable and thrown out what's not.

World Wide Web

Why The Web

Having started in the mobile field with Psion handheld computers (sadly no longer with us). The mobile world is interesting there are many dramatic changes in this fast growing field, we realised that many of these mobile devices can browse The Web. The Web with all it's peripheral services - email, facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Skype etc can be quite overwhelming. So we decided let's stick with one, web design, which in itself has evolved and includes many disciplines. Interestingly with our new endeavours of making websites "mobile friendly" we are back in the mobile field but from a different view.

Some of our Mobile Friendly Websites

Apart from our own recently completed mobile friendly website we have others to show, so feel free to take a look. You may be wondering "what do we mean by 'mobile friendly'?", it's very simple the websites we now make will be viewable on a desktop computer as well as on any tablet or Smartphone capable of browsing, by optimising itself for whatever screen size encountered.

JM De Villiers Attorney

JM De Villiers Attorney are already our customers, so what's new? Well their website is new, it's still looks pretty much the same as it did before, except it is now "Mobile Friendly"! You can check it out on your smart phone, tablet or desktop, the same website works on all of them.

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LR Manufacturing and Sales

LR Manufacturing and Sales are a Zimbabwe based independent Land Rover specialists, in business for 37 years they have both knowledge and experience. They keep a substantial stock holding for all modern and old Landrover models.

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Caeraman CCTV

Cameraman is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality surveillance camera's, Digital video recording systems (DVR'S) and supplies of remote monitoring.

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