You have no doubt noticed that we have a new website (assuming you’ve been here before of course), apart from the “Terms & Conditions” and this “Blog Page”,

This is a single page website which seems to be a popular current trend. It has a distinct advantage for the mobile phone or tablet user, according to Google close to 60% of searches come from mobile devices. So a single page website only needs to be downloaded once saving data something which is of great concern if you live in South Africa where data prices are much higher than the rest of the world!

It addition to saving data it also means the information is available much more rapidly, selecting an item from the menu, the user sees the website speedily scroll to the appropriate section. This may not be obvious from here as the blog is, for practical reasons, on a separate page. Try it though by going to the home page and selecting any one of the menu items (Except the blog), you will see how it works,